GRWC Board Members

To restore our watershed we need expertise, cooperation and collaboration.  Our partners include watershed old-timers & newcomers, large & small landowners, government agencies & the public.

Working together we can craft solutions to improve and protect the Gualala River Watershed...

Nick Kent

Nick Kent

Nick is a registered professional forester and owner of Kent & Associates, a forest resources planning and management firm. His firm manages over 30,000 acres of private forest lands in Mendocino, Sonoma, Napa and San Mateo counties.

Nick’s support of our collaborative approach has increased community participation in the Council's efforts to improve the Gualala River Watershed.

photo of henry alden

Henry Alden
Vice Chair

Henry is a registered professional forester and manages the 29,000 acre forest of Gualala Redwoods, Inc (GRI). 

GRI supports the Council because we use quantitative monitoring and assessment tools to first identify problems, then we facilitate restoration projects to correct the problems and in the end we don't just "go away" but continue to monitor the watershed and the projects to evaluate their effectiveness.

photo of bob whitney

Bob Whitney

Bob has been a member of the GRWC since its inception.

He is a conservation consultant and represents Coastal Ridges, LLC a timber owner in the Gualala River Watershed. Bob and the forestland company that he represents are committed to long-term sustainable private forest management that benefits wildlife, fisheries and the local economy.

photo of kathleen morgan

Kathleen Morgan
Executive Director

Kathleen is a resident of Sea Ranch and was an early member of the GRWC.  As Monitoring Coordinator she originally led the development of the GRWC Monitoring Program. 

Kathleen recognized early that a collaborative approach along with a combination of science and on the ground solutions are key to improving the watershed.

photo of Paul Chappel

Paul Chappell

Paul is a long-time resident of the watershed and member of the GRWC.

Paul maintains the Kashia water system and brings a wealth of historical knowledge to the Council.

photo of cliff putnum

Cliff Putnum

Cliff has lived 32 years in the heart of the watershed in Annapolis.  He has been a member of the GRWC since its very first day.

The Putnam’s grow Pinot Noir grapes on 35 of their 130 acres of pristine Redwood forest and received their Fish Friendly Farming Certification in 2008.

photo of russ shively

Russ Shively

Russ is a South Coast Forester for Mendocino Redwood Company and oversees the 7,000 acres that the Company owns in the Gualala River Watershed.

MRC’s stated purpose has been to demonstrate it is possible to manage productive forestlands with a high standard of environmental stewardship and also operate a successful business.

photo of mike simila

Mike Simila

Mike's Pt. Arena High School year book photo (left) was taken up at Log Cabin Ranch above the South Fork of the Gualala

Growing up in Gualala, Mike spent his summers exploring the watershed. Now he is a local building contractor but still spends his free time helping to monitor and restore the watershed.

photo of ken spacek

Ken Spacek

Ken was born in Manchester and now lives in Annapolis. He has particpated in the GRWC for many years.

He remembers when both deep swimming holes and salmonids where abundant. Ken's family history of the area provides the GRWC with valuable insights into the watershed and its history.